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Kilpisjärvi-Halti-Kilpisjärvi – Day 3 – R E I N D E E R

This was the day we hiked to the highest point of Finland. Sorry, but I will tell you more about the last meters to Halti in next post.

It was a little bit odd that we haven’t seen any reindeers at the path yet. Well end of day 2 and the next night was totally different. When we arrived to Pihtsusjärvi camp we saw hundreds of reindeers. There was reindeer seperation going on. Actually next night our tent was in the middle of reindeer herd. It was a pretty crazy to sleep in the middle of hundreds of reindeers. Our dog Ringo is Finnish Lapphund and he is reindeer herding dog and he was going really wild when he saw those reindeers. At the night reindeers were making noise that sounded like there were hundreds of pigs in our backyard. Well we couldn’t sleep so we gave Ringo a little job to do… Couple of barks were enough to get rest of the night sleep. This picture is taken at end of our second day and all the extra pictures are taken at third day. Glad that I took my telezoom lens with me this time.

I haven’t write anything about my gear yet. So maybe this is good time to tell you what camera gear I had with me. Of course I had all the hiking gear that I could fit in my 75L backpack. But I also had camera body, three lenses (10-24, 17-50 and 70-300), five different filters, spare battery, extra memory cards, cleaning kit (microfiber cloth & lenspen), remote control and carbon fibre tripod. All of these I packed in to my Lowepro bags. I had two different Lowepro lens cases and for my camera I had Lowepro Toploader Zoom Pro which I attached in to the side of my backpack’s waist belt. Filters I carried in my Lowepro filter pouch. Backpack was quite heavy with this gear but I was glad that I had lighter tent with us this time (Mountain Hardwear Skyledge 3, 2kg). Enjoy the pictures as I’m enjoying my single malt at the moment…it’s friday..

Extra – day 3


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