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o u t s i d e r

Finland 2015


t r a i l . r u n n i n g


I often try to combine other activities with photography. I started photographing because I needed to capture all the tricks we did with our rollerblades. When we do ski touring I take sport pictures. When I go out hiking I take landscape pictures. And now when I have done quite a lot of hiking in Finland, those same trails needed something new. Then I heard about trail running.

I have always done running at the tarmac, but that’s sometimes quite boring. Now when I’m running hiking trails I have to concentrate all the time where to put my feet. I also get to see beautiful nature around me while I’m exercising. For me trail running is now one of the best ways to scout new landscapes to photograph. I also think I get better results if I visit the subject without camera first and next time with a perfect weather I take the planned picture. So usually I run without camera, but when I know the place and possibility for a good shot, I take my camera with me. (with word camera I mean DSLR, not mobilephone)

My goal is to participate at least one trail running marathon next summer. In Finland we have Buff Trail Tour which is the most popular trail running circuit. They organize competitions in Lapland and in the southern part of Finland. Competitions in Lapland are held in the areas I have done some multi-day hiking. Except there’s one really interesting competition in the area I haven’t explored yet. Now I just need to decide which part of Finland I’m able to go…

Here are pictures and list of my trail running photography gear.

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Trail running photography kit (from the left)
Camelback hydration bag
Lowepro Photosport 200 AW
Hähnel wire remote control
Petzl headlamp
Nikon D800E + Tamron 24-70mm
Sirui T-005 tripod
Lenspen microfibercloth
Mountain Hardwear Ghostwhisper down jacket (in the selfie picture)

g e t . t o g e t h e r
My latest work “get.together” was g e t . t o g e t h e rborn with one of my runs. This birch forest is along my “home trail running route.” I have run this route several times and every time I go past this beautiful forest. One day I decided to take my light photography gear (above) with me. There was lots of new snow after a big snowfall and the temperature was around -5°C. I knew with this weather I have to take camera with me. Total distance for this route is around 10km and this spot came after 4km run. When I stopped I took my down jacket on me to stay warm and then started to seek right rhythm from the trees. I noticed this curved birch which I wanted to use in this picture. Around that tree I made the composition. I took couple of shots and then I packed my tripod, camera and down jacket back to my backpack and continued running.

Why I write about this? Well this is very good and healthy way to explore the nature. And maybe now this motivates me even more to run, because now I have promised for you to run a marathon. 🙂

If you have any questions please leave a comment. Enjoy your winter!

l a s t . l i g h t


Thank you for this year and all the best for the next one!

Year 2014 was full of great photographic adventures. One of the best experience was to see and photograph the Grand Canyon. Here’s one more picture from that incredible place.

Happy New Year! I’ll be back soon with winter wonderland images!

Last Light

Grand Canyon, Arizona 2014